"My daughter absolutely loved being behind the wheel with Street Smart Diving Academy. Thank you for your patience, training, support and for keeping my child to be a safe and efficient new driver.              -Mrs. Body


"Phenominal teaching. Great flexibility and down to earth teachers."

                        -Russell S.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I had a great time and I learned so much, thank you! I really couldn't have done it without your tips and tricks!"                

                           -Katie Z.

"Because there is nothing more important than getting from point A to point B, SAFELY!"

TEEN Programs

Ages 15-17


DMV Licensing process and information



Ages 18+

"My daughter had fairly decent skills in our opinion especially since we were the ones who spent 40+ hours teaching her.  AFTER DRIVING WITH WTH SMARTS FOR ONE DAY SHE WAS GIVING ME POINTERS.  We felt so comfortable with the  skills she mastered with the SMARTS that her first solo drive was 63 miles.  Wow! We can say that we were thrilled with the process!"                

               -Mrs. Benefield

Driving with Mr. Smart was great! He gave very good instructions while staying calm. He never made me feel bad about my mistakes. I learned a lot of driving manuevers I didn't know previously.

                      -Jennier P.

"Your school is the best!

                         -Mr. Haro

"Posted overseas during our daughter's high school, she missed behind the wheel and driver's ed, and was reluctant to learn to drive. Entering her sophomore year in college, this became an issue for her. We found SMART through a google search, and we are forever grateful that we did. Lolita took expert care and patience with our 19 year old, treating her as an adult, yet understanding her limited driving skills. After 9 lessons, our daughter passed her DMV test so well, that the DMV asked her who her instructor was! SMART driving school doesn't just teach the essentials, they go above and beyond to offer real life driving experiences and instill the needed confidence for success. They're so wonderful to work with. We can't recommend them enough and will always be grateful!   -Mrs.Nagle

​"The professionalism, communication and knowledge far exceeded what I remember from doing BTW...back in the day. In fact, my daughter shared pointers that she learned with me that I didn’t know. What a great experience for her and it’s a priceless feeling to see that she has been taught by the best. Thank you Street Smart Driving Academy!!!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Ms. Radda

"I really enjoyed doing behind the wheel with Mr. Smart. He was VERY patient and great at giving instructions. I feel like I improved a lot because of this course, and afterwards I felt extremely prepared to drive on my own! "  - Audrey W


"Loved Street Smart Driving Academy. Really gave my daughter the confidence to be successful behind the wheel. The improvement after the first lesson was noticeable. So convenient and helpful. Thanks" -Mrs. Roselund


"You do a wonderful job with your driving academy. I will refer you again and again when asked. It's a no brainer.  One of the things that I really loved and tell everyone is how you are flexible with the student's schedule. That helped us a lot."    -Mrs. Wilson


"I never knew behind the wheel would be so much fun! The Smarts are super nice and helpful. They make behind the wheel a blast!"    - Paige L.

"Mrs. Smart, I just wanted to thank you and Mr. Smart for doing this for me.  You two are the nicest people and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else! Thanks again, you guys are the best!"   - Grace D

"Thomas was very nervous about driving before taking the course. He really liked Mr. Smart and his teaching style/techniques. He is much more confident and relaxed behind the wheel now. Thank you, Mr. Smart for doing an incredible job! See you next year when our daughter is ready to start driving."  Mr. Hill
"SSDA made me a better driver. Mr and Mrs Smart are wonderful teachers- they really do care about you and your safety on the road. I totally recommend this driving program 100%."   -Daniel H.
"Driving with Street SMART Driving Academy was fun and taught me better way to improve on my driving skills."- Justin C


"A wonderful education experience for our son and super convenient for working parents! Would highly recommend to my friends and family"   -Mrs. Duong


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