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"Because there is nothing more important than getting from point A to point B, SAFELY!"

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High School Friends

Audrey W,  Student

"I really enjoyed doing behind the wheel with Mr. Smart. He was VERY patient and great at giving instructions. I feel like I improved a lot because of this course, and afterwards I felt extremely prepared to drive on my own! " 

Mrs. Radda, Parent

​"The professionalism, communication and knowledge far exceeded what I remember from doing BTW...back in the day. In fact, my daughter shared pointers that she learned with me that I didn’t know. What a great experience for her and it’s a priceless feeling to see that she has been taught by the best. Thank you Street Smart Driving Academy!!!" 

Kaitlyn F, Student

After missing out on driver's ed and behind the wheel in high school, I pushed off learning how to drive and getting my license for years. I found Street SMART Driving Academy from a search online, and after my very first behind the wheel session, I knew it was a perfect fit for me! Mrs. Smart was extremely kind, helpful, and patient. Her passion for teaching people how to drive was evident from my first conversation with her. I began my time in the car with Mrs. Smart as a nervous, inexperienced driver, but I am now a confident, licensed driver! I highly recommend Mrs. Smart and Street SMART Driving Academy!

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