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I recently did my behind the wheel with Mr. and Mrs. Smart. Their program was amazing and they really helped me become a better driver. They are great teachers that have taught me more about driving. I highly recommend doing driving with them!! ;)
Madison R, Student
"Thank you for being such a great teacher!"
Hannah D, Student 
"Thomas was very nervous about driving before taking the course. He really liked Mr. Smart and his teaching style/techniques. He is much more confident and relaxed behind the wheel now. Thank you, Mr. Smart for doing an incredible job! See you next year when our daughter is ready to start driving."
Mr. Hill, Parent
"Mr. Smart was amazing at building up my son's confidence. My son did the private lessons in addition to behind the wheel. Well worth the extra time and money. Thank you Street Smart Driving School!"
Mrs. Antonelli, Parent
"I had the best experience with both Mr. and Mrs. Smart! They made the whole learning process easy and fun. They are both great teachers who made me feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel. If you are looking for great behind the wheel training, then look no further because you have found it!"
Macie M, Student 
"Super easy! My brother and I both took SSDA (different years) and felt safe and calm during all our sessions. The instructors and I focused on a lot areas that needed work and made every session fun!! They made sure that I Ieft more confident then ever and the whole process was super easy!! I would highly highly recommend SSDA because of the great service, and overall friendly environment experienced all the way through!! Way way better than going through the DMV or other programs!!! 10/10 would recommend!"
Katie A, Student
"Mr. And Ms. Smart are great instructors. They made me feel welcomed and more comfortable behind the wheel
Chloe S, Student 
"I loved getting in the car every morning with Street Smart, I felt very comfortable driving and I learned many valuable tips and tricks. Don't forget to wheel and feel!!" 
Kaitlin O, Student 
"My daughter learned so much from Mr. and Mrs. Smart. It was fun for her and flexible for us. We definitely recommend SSDA!
Mrs. Zurliene, Parent
The process of signing up was very easy. Mr. and Mrs. Smart were very nice and easy to work with, and their experience on the road was evident when taking Behind the Wheel. It was a great week of driving!
Adrik B, Student 
The instructors make you feel welcome and as I was nervous at first by the end I wasn't. They teach you very well.
"I enjoyed learning the rules of the road with SSDA
Cooper V, Student 
Driving with Mr. Smart was great! He gave very good instructions while staying calm. He never made me feel bad about my mistakes. I learned a lot of driving manuevers I didn't know previously.
Jennifer P, Student 
Thank you so much for helping drive! This was a great experience!
Eve L, Student
The instructors make you feel welcome and as I was nervous at first by the end I wasn't. They teach you very well.
John B, Student
"I LOVED Street SMART Driving Academy! Driving with Mrs. Smart was so much fun! She was great at explaining the rules & getting enough practice in before the test. Driving with her was never boring but something I looked forward to. They're flexible with times & work to fit you in when its convenient for you. Now that i have my license, I feel safe & confident on the road! :)
Brittany S, Student 
My daughter had an excellent experience with Lolita. She was a decent driver when she started the school but I still felt the anxious nerves when driving with her. After behind-the-wheel with Lolita, she is a very polished confident driver. Lolita was very accommodating picking up and dropping off my daughter given that we live on the far Western side of Loudoun County. She also made learning fun and enjoyable. I felt totally confident with Samantha in her hands! Thanks Lolita!!! 
Mrs. McCloskey, Parent
"It was a very great learning experience and I loved it!!! Thank you so much. Will definitely tell others about it."
Neal F, Student 
"Exceptional teaching! Very calm, clear instructions, and were very friendly! A+"
Alex M, Student 
"The sweetest and kindest driving instructors! 10/10 recommendation to everyone."
Connor R, Student
"It was great learning to drive with Mrs. Smart because of her outgoing attitude and sense of humor. She made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and gave me constructive criticism effectively to better my driving skills. I thank Mrs. Smart for teaching me to be a Safe and SMART driver!"
Adrianna T, Student 
Street SMART Driving Academy was great. They were very flexible with my schedule and we were always offered constructive criticism when driving. They made sure we were comfortable behind the wheel and my confidence in my driving increase greatly.
Haileigh K, Student 
"I enjoyed SSDA, it is a very comfortable environment. They don't just drive you they get to know you and really try to make you feel very comfortable and they are very flexible with your sport/work schedule".  
Haile M, Student 
"The Smarts are great Behind-The-Wheel instructors. I was probably their longest client, but they really worked with me to get my driving skills to where I needed to pass and be a successful driver! They teach you the correct way on how to drive. Pick Street Smart driving you won't regret it! Drive Smart!!"
Jasmine R, Student 
"They are the best!!! I had so much fun learning how to drive with them!! You're doing it wrong if you go to any other driving school :) "
Sofi A, Student 
"My son thoroughly enjoyed working with Lolita. Her holistic approach to her students should be an industry standard. She worked with his schedule and the numerous inclement weather days! Additionally, he (my son) quickly recognized how Lolita adapted her teaching technique to address the needs of her pupils. For example, he observed how Lolita shifted from driving observer to driving trainer when she had a driver of lesser experience behind the wheel. I have a daughter who will be eligible for her license in a few years, and when it is her turn for behind the wheel, I will call Lolita at SSDA! Thanks!"  
Mr. Munn, Parent
“Mr.and Mrs. Smart helped my teenager so much. They were so patient yet firm. They were encouraging even when having to correct my teenager. I recommend the Smarts to EVERYONE who needs to learn to drive.”

Mrs. Richardson, Parent

"Absolutely an A+ driving school! Mr and Mrs Smart were professional and a delight to work with. They made me as a parent confident in their teaching ability to teach my teen driver and my daughter enjoyed her experience and came home from each lesson with new driving abilities!"

Mrs. Coffman, Parent

Mrs Smart provides solid driving instruction in a nurturing and supportive environment. You can't help but learn how to be road ready! Thank you Street Smart Driving Academy!   
Ms. Massie, Parent


"A wonderful education experience for our son and super convenient for working parents! Would highly recommend to my friends and family"  

Mrs. Duong, Parent 


Mrs. Smart is the best!!

Kyle G, Student


"My daughter had fairly decent skills in our opinion especially since we were the ones who spent 40+ hours teaching her.  AFTER DRIVING WITH THE SMARTS FOR ONE DAY SHE WAS GIVING ME POINTERS.  We felt so comfortable with the  skills she mastered with the SMARTS that her first solo drive was 63 miles.  Wow! We can say that we were thrilled with the process!"

Mrs. Benefield, Parent 





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