7 behind-the-wheel sessions

Required for VA  license for students under age 18

Each session is 50 minutes of driving and 50 minutes of observation. Students and instructors must wear a mask and shared surfaces are cleaned between drivers.

Students under the age of 18, are also required to successfully complete a 30-hour classroom driver education course and the 90-minute Parent Teen Meeting prior to taking the Behind the Wheel Training. 

Upon successful completion of the Behind the Wheel course, SSDA will issue the student a 6-month Temporary Driver's License. The DMV will then mail the permanent license to the student's home address sometime within the 6 month time frame.


*Pick-up and drop-off included! 

*Some restrictions for student pick-up and

drop off may apply. 

TEEN PLUS  Program

3 Private Lessons


Recommended for nervous drivers and drivers who may need  additional skill training and exposure to various driving environments. Total of 10 sessions.


Automatic Gear Sign

Adult Waiver Program

This program allows you to waive the 60-day waiting period for the Road Skills Test upon receiving your Learner's Permit and you can take your Road Skills Test with us instead of at the DMV.


You are eligible for this program if


You have never held a license before, including a foreign license 

You hold valid VA Learner's Permit 


You are an adult who has completed a 30-hr Driver Education Course (Certificate of Completion required)

Our online course and BTW can be taken simultaneously

This program includes

7 - In-car Lessons consisting of 50 minutes of driving and 50 minutes of observing.

Road Skills Test


Adult Waiver Certificate to submit to the DMV to receive your license via the mail. The waiver can be emailed, mailed, or by appointment to the DMV.


Private Lessons
(Teens or Adults)

Need one-on-one instruction? Recommended for newly permitted drivers and adults in preparation for the DMV Road Test. Private sessions are 50 minutes




Need a DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE to get your license?

Online Driver Education Courses


We are excited to offer Online Driver Education Courses to all our students!

Our Online 30-hour Driver Education Courses meet the state requirements for licensure for teens wanting to take Behind the Wheel Course and adults interested in the Adult Waiver Program.

DMV is committed to promoting transportation safety through the certification of quality driver training programs.  If you have comments or concerns about this course, call DMV at 1-877-885-5790 or email